Our Company

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the origin of the ingredients in the food they and their families eat. They are also concerned about the process by which it is manufactured.

As Australia’s only integrated producer of cassava flour, Three Spades provides an opportunity for consumers to purchase flour in its purest of forms directly from the grower.

Three Spades has been growing cassava in the Burdekin region of tropical Queensland Australia for over eight years and is recognised internationally for its cassava-growing expertise and sustainable farming practices.

Three Spades originally established its first crop using locally sourced planting materia, then expanded the number of cultivars by bringing in several additional varieties of cassava from CIAT, the Colombia-based global centre for cassava research.

Over the years Three Spades has obtained invaluable assistance from world-renowned cassava specialists such as Dr Reinhardt Howeler, Dr Hernan Cebellos, Dr Sang Ki Hahn and Professor Ros Gleadow.

Unlike most food crops, cassava does not require high levels of fertiliser to achieve economic yields. Per kilogram of flour produced, our fertiliser addition rates are less than half that of other major crops from which flour is produced.

Three Spades does not use any pesticides in its farming operation and all organic by-products are composted and returned to the field.

To minimise water consumption, Three Spades uses highly efficient drip tape rather than less efficient modes such as sprinklers, pivots, furrow and flood.

To further minimise its carbon footprint, Three Spades uses a novel solar drying technique prior to milling.